About Us

Our generation is a part of a history that sailed through pandemic times. The losses and the experience primed us to adapt and survive along with an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

True to yourself and true to roots is an adage that the brand values. We invite you to be a very crucial element of our intriguing journey. We have a long way to go and would love to have you by our side. The sky is the limit and we wish to celebrate every milestone with you in tow.

Fashion has always been a part of our existence, reflecting and articulating our inner thoughts. Hence the conception of BONITA VOCE – meaning the BEAUTIFUL YOU in Portuguese. And this journey would be incomplete without the ’ Beautiful You

Bags accord a certain etiquette and poise to a lady's demeanor. They lend a style quotient and an identity to the personality. We were keen to invest our energies in bag crafting as we felt that there are barely a handful of good designs in the Indian market. We at Bonita Voce wanted to put forth designs that spell elan and style coupled with newness.

We look forward to creating a community of handwork artisans who help us fulfill our purpose of creating exquisite designs that are within reach and affordable to one and all.

Women today are confident and in complete charge of their life. Women love adorning not for anyone else but themselves and a desire for elegance. Their fashion preferences are an extension of their self-dom. And who doesn’t love adulation and praises, Our bags just aim to up that quotient for our beautiful lady.

So let’s embark on this experience: BONITA VOCE